I sincerely care that you are truly happy with every order!

However, because all of these items are generated by Print-On-Demand (POD) services, I may be limited in what I can do to fix the situation if something goes awry. (In other words, I do all of the design, marketing, and maintenance. Production and shipping are handled by a third party that I do NOT have direct control over.)

Therefore, to save you time, please read these policies carefully if you have any questions. [Note: You can use your internet browser's "search" function if you are looking for a specific subject.]

Shipping Questions

"How long will my order / shipment take?"

It can take anywhere from 3-7 days to produce the order, and the shipping time varies with location:

"I'm in the U.S." = 3-4 business days
"I'm in Europe." = 6-8 business days
"I'm in Australia." = 2-14 business days
"日本にいます。" = 4-8 business days
"I'm in [someplace else]." = 10-20 business days

[Unfortunately, COVID-19 has disrupted just about everything, so these times may also vary to some extent. On average, it shouldn't take more than 2-3 weeks to receive your order.]

"Will I have to pay extra fees / taxes?"

This depends on what country you are in. Please check with your local customs office. [The contact information for this organization will most likely be listed within a phone directory for your area.]

"Can I track my order?"

Yes! The email that you received when your order shipped out should have a tracking number within it.

"Hey, I never got my order! What happened?"

Please double-check that the address on your order is correct, then contact your local post office and/or anyone who may have picked it up for you. If the address was correct and no one seems to have it, contact me with your order information. We may be able to get you a replacement or refund. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Product Questions (Refunds & Exchanges)

Unfortunately, refunds and exchanges can be tricky situations to resolve because of the way that these items are produced, but I will still try my best to make it right.

"My product / order is messed up! Can I return it?"

If the product arrived damaged or has some kind of manufacturing defect, please take photos of it and contact me with your order information. We may be able to get you a replacement or refund. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

If you ordered the "wrong thing", then see below.

"I got the wrong [blank]. Can I return it?"

Depending upon the situation, if it hasn't been used (i.e.: worn, washed, etc.), then I may be able to get you an exchange or a refund. Contact me with your order information and the details of what happened.

Product Questions (Quality, Price, & Design)

"How does the sizing work?"

Grab a tape measure and a T-shirt that you already own with a size that you like. Then, check the following:

I attempt to only use shirts that will be "true to size" (i.e.: ones where the sizes, like S, M, or L, will be what one would normally expect for that designation). Also, their fabric is usually "pre-shrunk" (i.e.: the space is removed from between the stitches so that there is less chance of shrinkage when it is washed and dried). I want you to have something that you will be comfortable in! Consideration of these factors makes this more likely. However, sizing is generally not well standardized and some people can be very particular about it.

"Why does my size cost more?"

Sizes like 2XL have to be produced differently, so these differences are often reflected within their cost. On average, it is usually only $1 more than other sizes.

"How are the products priced?"

The prices are based upon three factors:

1. The amount it costs me to produce it (e.g.: I try to use only high-quality shirts and printing, so they cost more to make)

2. The amount of effort it takes to design it (e.g.: a graphic can take quite a long time to create, draw, digitize, format, etc.)

3. Offering you a good deal

To be honest, the amount that I make per shirt is quite low, but I want to provide people with nice clothing for a reasonable price.

"Is there any kind of quality control?"

Yes! I try to get a sample of every product before it goes into the shop to ensure that the items and printing are of high-quality. This can be an expensive process, but again, I want you to have something that you will be happy with!

"Will you design me something / make my design?"

It depends on what it is. Contact me with the details of your offer. Please do not send any images of your original work.

"Can I get this in another size, color, or style that is not already listed?"

Maybe. Contact me and let me know what you are looking for.